7 Chapels

Seven architects were commissioned by the Siegfried and Elfriede Denzel Foundation to build seven chapels along the bike trails of the Swabian Danube Valley. The architects were allowed full creative freedom with only two conditions – each structure should be made of wood, with an integrated cross.

The film `7 Chapels´ is a non-narrative documentary – a contemplation of architecture and its relationship to place, landscape, light, nature and people.

The film’s conceptional approach is informed by the literature of French writer Georges Perec and his essay `Species of Spaces´ (1973). Our aim is to create a meticulous visual and aural study of the intrinsic qualities of architecture and how structures elicit reactions from people and nature in the surrounding area.

The film’s aesthetic is defined by the precise composition of each frame. The primary focuse on the architecture then allows for the passiv observation of intermittent, random interactions between people, nature and the structures.

Each chapel is distinct in its location and design but all of them prompt emotional, curious, moving and at times even funny moments.

The film is accompanied by an original score, by composer Wolfram Oettl. His minimalist meditative music is intended, just like the film, to be a contemplation. The music is played on a fortepiano that has been especially tuned in what is known as `just intonation´. This specialised tuning (Richard Spaeth 311019) has been conceived in accordance with the interval-ratio of the harmonic series of sounds – pure tones. These integer-number frequencies have been used since Pythagoras (570-510 BC) in philosophy, theology and music theory to portray cosmic harmony.

Due for release in autum 2022.

Funded by the Siegfried and Elfriede Denzel Foundation.



Hans Engel, Chapel Gundelfingen
Staab Architects, Chapel Kesselostheim
Christoph Mäckler, Chapel Oberthürheim
Frank Latzke, Chapel Oberbechingen
Alen Jasarevic, Chapel Ludwigschwaige
Wilhelm Huber, Chapel Emersacker
John Pawson, Chapel Unterliezheim

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