NSD Guests

Throughout the years photographing for The Munich Documentation Center of National Socialism, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing their many fancinating guests.

1. Guy Stern. Fled Nazi Germany as a child and eventuelly became a decorated member of the secret Ritchi Boys World War II military intelligence interrogation team.

2. Géraldine Schwarz. German-French journalist, author and documentary filmmaker. Her work deals with memory politics – helping the past make our present better.

3. Bernd Sucher. Author and theatre critic.

4. Abram X. Kendi. Author of How to Be an Antiracist.

5. Ari Folman und David Polonsky. Creators of the graphic novel „Anne Franks Diary“ and winners of the NS-Documentations Center Prize.

6. Esther Béjarano (1924 – 2021) and her band. She survived Auschwitz concentration camp because she was a member of the Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz.

7. Richard Evans. Historian and author of The Third Reich Triology.

8. Michael Wildt. Historian and author with a focus on National Socialism and antisemitism.

9. Christopher Clark. Historian and author with a focus on Prussia.

10. Alexander Zinn. Sociologist and historian specialised in the socio-historical issues of discrimination and persecution based on sexual orientation.

11. Eric Otieno (left). Social theorist and author of Among Whites. What it means to be privileged. Mohamed Amjahid (right). Journalist and author.

12. Winners of the HANS UND LEA GRUNDIG PRIZE: Dorit Bearach, Guy Raz, Kollektiv BLOK – Ana Kutleša, Ivana Hanaček und Vesna Vuković.

13. Meriel Schindler. Author of The Lost Café Schindler.

14. Michaela Melián. Artist. Installation Memory Loops.

15. Martin Pollack. Jounalist and author.

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