Seasick Fish

Bloomsday, the 16th June, is the day that James Joyce’s book Ulysses takes place. Every year the Irish Embassy in Berlin, invites artists to submit a piece of work, inspired by an extract from the book. Seasick Fish, won the prize of distinction in 2021.

The book Ulysses has always accompanied me through my creative path. I grew up in Dublin – I know the streets Bloom walks. Like all Dubliners I’ve had the mad, rambling, random conversations too. For me Ulysses represents how the human brain works – absorbs exterior input, makes interior associations through thought and projects them into the world again through words. The images in the clip are my exterior input collection – they were shot internationally since around 2010. I wanted to create a visual stream of consciousness using free association of banal and sometimes funny everyday occurrences. The images are presented as a triptych – a deliberate religious reference – by juxtaposing random banalities, they are given „gravitas“ and combined with the text become extraordinary.

Reading in the film is by Turlach O’Broin.

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